Join Us At The High Court On June 24 – VITAL!

June 12 11:31 am

CRU has been joined by Justice Williams as an Intervenor in Mike Weir’s High Court case. An Intervenor is a party that the court invites to participate where there is a wider public interest. CRU’s role is limited but is there to see that the Court understands that the ramifications of Mike’s case go far beyond his own claim.

It is therefore vital that as many members of CRU as possible attend the High Court Hearing in Wellington on June 24. The case will start at 10am.

The Judge will be able to note the widespread concern if there is a large attendance.

We can also advise that we have been blessed by having 2 of Wellington’s top barristers. Phillip Milne has been working his guts out for Mike. As has Matthew Smith. Matthew is known as the Conrad Smith of the Wellington Bar. SEE ARTICLE IN TODAYS DOM POST HERE