2 Cross Submissions You May Be Interested In Reading

July 19 3:44 pm

Follow these links to read 2 cross submissions, from Simon Arnold and Chris Butler, which together nicely sum up the scientific and humanitarian issues we are seeking truth on. Nicely put, gentlemen.




Urgent Urgent

July 17 2:34 pm

If you are cross submitting, you need to get it in by 4.00pm 18 July.

Kathy Moody and Joan Allin have done a fantastic job in preparing this CRU cross submission which you are encouraged to read. Click the link below.

CRU Further submission – Final draft

KCDC attempts to twist the facts

July 5 1:06 pm

In another attempt to twist the facts, KCDC has denied that there is minimal impact on Climate Change suggesting that there had been a misquote.  However, the attached letter from Mr. Dougherty shows that there was no misquote.  Mr. Law,  a BECA Carter consultant said that climate change predictions would be less pronounced on the Kapiti Coast at paragraph 56 of his submission.  At paragraph 59, he says he “doubted that projected climate change would have an evident or quantifiable effect on low river flows in the Waikanae River.”

Read the letter:


Mike Weir’s Day In Court – We Were There!

June 28 4:20 pm

A bus load of CRU members travelled to Wellington on Monday to attend the Judicial Review hearing of Mike and Veronica Weir’s action to have the hazard information on their LIM removed. The Courtroom was packed. It caused Justice Williams to joke that in the case of fire he wanted those sitting around the door to move pronto so he could get out!! Extra chairs were brought in and some of us had to sit in the press gallery.

The arguments of the Weirs were well put by Philip Milne and Matthew Smith did an excellent job in presenting the CRU arguments in a succinct manner. Justice Williams congratulated Counsel for the way in which they presented their arguments.

Justice Williams made it quite clear at the outset that he was not there to determine the merits of the science. This was always the CRU view and it raises the question of why KCDC spent so much on getting lengthy evidence from four scientists.

To summarise, there was nothing more that could have been done by way of legal argument, and now all we can do is await the decision, which is likely to be at least 2 or 3 months away.

Horizons Councils’s Sensible Approach To Coastal Hazards

June 28 1:49 pm

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hazard assessment a useful tool for planning

Approximately 19km of shoreline from Waikawa Beach to Waitarere Beach has been assessed for coastal hazards in a study commissioned by Horizons Regional Council.

The study, carried out by coastal hazard experts Tonkin and Taylor Ltd and Coastal Systems Ltd, assesses current erosion and inundation hazards and models how they might change along the coast over the next 50 and 100 years.
It takes into account climate change predictions, with sea levels expected to rise 0.9m over the next 100 years.

Horizons operations manager Allan Cook says Horizons has a responsibility to identify and quantify to the best of its ability, natural hazards within the Manawatu-Wanganui Region and make this information available to district councils for the purposes of planning.

Previous coastal hazard studies have been completed at Foxton, Akitio and Herbertville.

“The primary purpose of assessments such as this one is to inform district and regional council land use and hazard management planning processes. Information gathered is also of value for emergency management and response,” he said. “However, the process by which this information is to be given effect to and communicated to interested parties, rests with Horowhenua District Council.”

The study findings were presented last night to an initial meeting of interested parties, including representatives of the Foxton Community Board, and the ratepayers associations for Waikawa Beach , Hokio Beach and Waitarere Beach . Horowhenua District Council and Horizons Regional Council staff combined resources for the presentation.

It was agreed at the meeting that this information now needs to be conveyed to the wider communities. That will take place before the Horowhenua District Council decides on its response to the information.

Further public meetings to present the findings of the report are planned for the affected communities in the near future. Dates and times will be publicised as these are confirmed.

Wilkinson On Precautionary Approach

June 28 9:37 am

Leading New Zealand economics expert Bryce Wilkinson has written a great piece debunking the precautionary approach…

Click here to read the document.

Ombudsman Instructs KCDC To Release Information

June 28 9:33 am

CRU has had another great success in getting KCDC to reveal the expertise of their own internal climate change advisor. Ms. Lash, without any qualifications has been accepted by all the Councillors as having expertise in climate change. She and the Council refused to disclose her qualifications. The Ombudsman ordered for KCDC to do so. What is revealed is that she has no expertise what so ever. It does show that she has read books on climate change. We contend that reading books on a subject does not make you an expert on the subject.

Here is the response from KCDC..