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Salima Padamsey


In 2012, Salima was one of the founding members of CRU – committing to good science, good law and good planning. Her duties as CRU's first secretary was to ensure all CRU members were informed and well acquainted with Roger Shand's Coastal Hazard Report and remedies that were available to the community in relation to opposition to the Council’s proposed District Plan rules for coastal management.  She simultaneously held the Press Portfolio which ran a successful information awareness campaign not only in Kapiti, but extended to other communities throughout New Zealand that were similarly opposing managed retreat policies and rules.


She has always been committed to ensuring the process of coastal hazards identification and management undertaken by KCDC is held to a high standard of scientific rigour, transparency and accountability.  A task that has not always been easy.


For Salima, our members deserve to be kept informed allowing them to participate in the process which affects not only them, but by extension the entire district.

Quentin G. Poole


Quentin's family has been associated with the Waikanae Beach since 1921 and he has been a permanent resident in Kapiti since 2004.  He is a founding member of CRU and has contributed to the formation of the Coastal Strategy 2006 which was ratified by KCDC. In addition, he wrote a 32 page response to the draft version of Roger Shand's Coastal Hazard Report. Quentin was also a submitter to the 2012 Proposed District Plan.

Michael Alexander


Michael, and wife Kay, purchased a section in 1999 and moved to Paraparaumu Beach at the completion of the house construction in 2006.

The introduction of building lines prior to the building of the house was cause for great concern to us, and many others, with the upshot being the formation of CRU. This organisation had within its membership people with a wide range of skills of the highest order and was responsible the restoration of many rights for property owners.

​Michael has been on the CRU committee since formation and treasurer for the past three years.

Prior to moving to the Kapiti Coast owned a pharmacy in Marton.

​Resided for 30 years in Marton and served on the committees of multiple local organisations, including a stint as President of the Rangitikei Cricket Association.

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