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Jacobs' Report – Response to CRU

Photo ©Karl Webber

On 13 October, CRU received Jacobs’ response to our Technical Review of Volume 1.

What CRU would like to bring to the attention of our members, is the Jacob’s statement on page 1 (see link below); “It is further noted that the primary purpose of the Jacobs work is to assess the nature and extent of coastal hazards facing the Kapiti Coast District currently and in the future with sea lever rise for use in guiding community adaptation planning. Any use of the assessment results in a District planning context is the responsibility of Council…”

CRU interprets this as meaning that the Jacobs reports are not intended for the purposes of the district plan and if the Council wants to use it for that purpose, then that is up to Council. The approach that they have used is contrary to the NZCPS which is a requirement for district planning. Furthermore, the approach that they are taking could very well capture more homes than the Shand Report of 2012.

Read the full review here: Jacobs Response to CRU Techncial Review


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