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New officers of CRU

September 3 12:08 pm

Following the recent resignation of Christopher Ruthe as Chairman of CRU, the Committee elected Paul Dunmore as Chairman, and Mike Alexander to succeed Paul as Treasurer.

Christopher was a driving force in the foundation of CRU and has been central to its activities since. The Committee acknowledges his tremendous contribution and wishes him well for the future.

Speaking to submissions on Chapter 4 (Coastal Environment)

May 20 11:34 pm

Hearings are underway into the Proposed District Plan, which KCDC notified in 2012 and later modified by deleting certain provisions relating to coastal hazards and other matters. Many CRU members and supporters made submissions on Chapter 4, but the Hearings Panel has allocated insufficient time for all of these submitters to be heard. We encourage all submitters to make their views known in person, but this requires that you tell KCDC now that you wish to be heard, so that sufficient time can be allocated.

North Otaki Beach Residents Group takes KCDC to Environment Court

May 20 11:22 pm

April 2016. NOBRG is seeking declarations concerning KCDC’s process for hearings on the Proposed District Plan. NOBRG contends that the way that the Council is proceeding is legally flawed, contrary to undertakings given to the community, and unfair. CRU has submitted a memorandum to the Court. CRU is concerned that if there are legal problems in the KCDC process, that they should be dealt with now rather than in an appeal after the hearings have been completed.

KCDC Goes Against International Standards for Risk Assessment

July 29 3:35 pm

Read this independent article. You can make up your own mind on how valid the kCDC approach to risk assessment is. Should we rely on KCDC staff who have no expertise, or should we insist on meeting international benchmarks? In other words how high do you want your rates to be.

Risk-and-Regulatory-Policy-OECD (PDF)

New LIM Wording

May 26 9:32 am

Please click on the link to read the new wording which now appears on LIM reports. We owe thanks to Christopher, Salima and Joan for a massive effort in getting to this point – which of course is not the finish line, but certainly a very positive step.

Coastal Hazard – Background Info Webpage (PDF)