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2 Cross Submissions You May Be Interested In Reading

July 19 3:44 pm

Follow these links to read 2 cross submissions, from Simon Arnold and Chris Butler, which together nicely sum up the scientific and humanitarian issues we are seeking truth on. Nicely put, gentlemen.


Urgent Urgent

July 17 2:34 pm

If you are cross submitting, you need to get it in by 4.00pm 18 July.

Kathy Moody and Joan Allin have done a fantastic job in preparing this CRU cross submission which you are encouraged to read. Click the link below.

CRU Further submission – Final draft

KCDC attempts to twist the facts

July 5 1:06 pm

In another attempt to twist the facts, KCDC has denied that there is minimal impact on Climate Change suggesting that there had been a misquote.  However, the attached letter from Mr. Dougherty shows that there was no misquote.  Mr. Law,  a BECA Carter consultant said that climate change predictions would be less pronounced on the Kapiti Coast at paragraph 56 of his submission.  At paragraph 59, he says he “doubted that projected climate change would have an evident or quantifiable effect on low river flows in the Waikanae River.”

Read the letter: