Mike Weir’s Day In Court – We Were There!

June 28 4:20 pm

A bus load of CRU members travelled to Wellington on Monday to attend the Judicial Review hearing of Mike and Veronica Weir’s action to have the hazard information on their LIM removed. The Courtroom was packed. It caused Justice Williams to joke that in the case of fire he wanted those sitting around the door to move pronto so he could get out!! Extra chairs were brought in and some of us had to sit in the press gallery.

The arguments of the Weirs were well put by Philip Milne and Matthew Smith did an excellent job in presenting the CRU arguments in a succinct manner. Justice Williams congratulated Counsel for the way in which they presented their arguments.

Justice Williams made it quite clear at the outset that he was not there to determine the merits of the science. This was always the CRU view and it raises the question of why KCDC spent so much on getting lengthy evidence from four scientists.

To summarise, there was nothing more that could have been done by way of legal argument, and now all we can do is await the decision, which is likely to be at least 2 or 3 months away.